Purchaser Responsibilities

We find that a clear description of the purchaser's responsibilities helps make the process easier for everyone. If you have questions, please contact us.

The following are the responsibility of the purchaser.

  1. Site Preparation: It is our recommendation that the Purchaser call Dig SafeVermont Underground Locators or a similar organization prior to any excavation, for the safety of all involved. Purchaser is responsible for the removal of trees and their stumps; site leveling by machine 24” to 36” down from desired finished grade, and at least 3’ larger on all sides of the pool. If required, providing appropriate drainage ditches or piping, and the removal of any trees, stumps, or other items for their protection.
  2. If excavated material is unsuitable for backfill and/or excess material has to be removed from the immediate pool site, the cost thereof shall be additional and paid for by the Purchaser. If suitable and/or additional fill/backfill is required around the pool perimeter and/or pool deck, the additional cost thereof, including drayage, placement, compaction, equipment rentals and labor at $60.00 hour per man shall be paid for by the Purchaser.
  3. If ground water is present, additional drainage stone, trucking, and labor fees shall be paid for by the Purchaser.
  4. Purchaser will provide all necessary construction and permits as may be required by various agencies.
  5. Purchaser provides a water supply for construction. Purchaser shall wet down shotcrete shell to assist in curing process at least twice a day for five days after installation.
  6. Purchaser provides a water line and connect same to pool fillspout as provided by General Contractor.
  7. Purchaser is responsible for electrical supply and related equipment, including connections to pool mechanical equipment, and bonding/grounding of pool and deck equipment. All work to be done in accordance with article 680 of the National Code of 1971 and/or local codes, if applicable.
  8. Purchaser shall provide exhaust piping/venting, fuel supply and connections, room ventilation devices, and any miscellaneous safety devices as required by local codes for proper installation of pool heater in Purchaser’s Bath House or Mechanical Equipment Room.
  9. Under normal conditions, this pool contract shall include the excavation and backfill of the pool. Under conditions where this company must construct removable wooden forms for the placement of shotcrete (i.e. indoor pools, sites with extreme grade change, blasted and recompacted sites) then the Purchaser will be responsible for the expense of excavation and backfill.
  10. Purchaser shall provide an adequate water source (by hose or by truck) to fill the pool within 30 hours of completion. Purchaser is also responsible for costs of all chemicals necessary in treatment of pool water.
  11. Once pool is plastered and filled, Purchaser or appointed agent will brush plaster surface 2-4 times a day for one week and at least once a day for the following week.
  12. Purchaser agrees to have work around pool and filter room completed prior to pool plaster application. If Purchaser demands completion of pool prior to masonry, carpentry, landscaping etc. being completed, we will charge a 5% surcharge on Contract Agreement Price. If Plaster application has not been completed within 120 seasonal (April 15th to October 15th) days of pool commencement, a surcharge may be assessed.
  13. Pool price and package does not include any decking, fencing, landscaping, etc. These items are to be arranged and paid for by Purchaser. It is also recommended that you contact your insurance agency and determine if they have any requirements regarding pool ownership.