Make Your Pool More Environmentally Responsible

covered rectangular pool with patio

Whether we are in the process of designing your pool, or if you have been enjoying it for years, there are options to make your pool more efficient and environmentally responsible. We can work with you to find the products that are right for you.

Conserve Electricity

  • Pool water circulation and filtration as well as lighting consume electricity.
  • Variable speed pumps use more efficient magnet motor technology and can adjust to the speed necessary to complete the job. These pumps save energy, and also provide the ability to be custom programmed and controlled remotely.
  • LED lighting is an affordable option in pool construction and retrofit projects.

Conserve Water

  • When pools lose water—from displacement or evaporation—it needs to be replaced.
  • Pool covers reduce evaporation, conserving water and reducing chemical use. Some pool cover designs filter collected rain water for use in the pool.
  • Winter safety covers can also allow precipitation to pass through the cover membrane directly into the pool.
  • Ionization and ozonation are alternatives to the chemical treatment of pool water.

Conserve Heat

  • Pools are typically heated with propane, natural gas or oil.
  • Automatic pool covers reduce heat loss from your pool by limiting heat loss through evaporation.
  • Pool shell insulation reduces the amount of heat lost through conduction into the ground.
  • Heat Pump & Solar technology can be used as a fossil fuel alternative to heat pools.

Many of these alternatives can also improve the safety of your pool. The variable speed pumps we use incorporate a vacuum release system, allowing them to automatically shutoff when they detect a blockage of the drain (a requirement of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool Safety Act). Winter safety covers that allow precipitation to pass through reduce the amount of standing water on top of a standard tarp cover.